iOS 14 11 c l tricks your iPhone’s Shortcuts app can do for you now

If you have never ever used Apple’s Shortcuts app or perhaps you’ve only dabbled, it’s worth getting to know the intricacies of the application. It may enhance your iPhone in new means.

There is not much the Shortcuts software can’t do.

It’s not hard to disregard the Shortcuts that is preinstalled app your iPhone , due to the fact at first it’s not all that clear exactly what it can. Or possibly it is it generally seems to perform a lot, and may be overwhelming. In any event, with all the release of iOS 14 , the Shortcuts app has finally hit the mainstream because of its capability to produce custom software icons .

First, install Shortcuts

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The step that is first to put in Shortcuts through the App Store for iOS 12 or afterwards your phone or iPad ($356 at eBay) ( it ought to be built in to iOS 13 and later products), then remember to add it towards the Today View Widget by swiping towards the close to your iPhone’s house display and tapping Add Widget at the end regarding the screen. Finally, tap regarding the green plus button next to Shortcuts.

You also should be alert to “untrusted” shortcuts. Leer más