Mae Muller Shares Her Ultimate Dating Guidelines

From “Dick” (“Boy, you’re such a cock, cock, cock, cock, dick”) to “HFB” (a track recounting a real break-up with an ex-boyfriend on his birthday celebration), 23-year-old Mae Muller is candidly outing her ex-boyfriends since her accordingly entitled 2018 debut EP Frankly. The North Londoner has proceeded to comically immortalise her relationships that are past her music for the entire world – and, in specific, young girls – to listen to. Exactly what do her ex-boyfriends think of her music? “They have actuallyn’t contacted me personally. Well, just what can they do say? It is all nowadays now!”

Her music is a cocktail of English humour, sass and dull Lily Allen-like-attitude (“all you will be if you ask me is just one big anticlimax”) – a breathing of outdoors. Her latest EP, no body else, not really you, is also more intoxicatingly catchy, funny and a reflection that is mature of.

“It’s not only one man, but numerous various males,” she describes. “Honestly, wef only i possibly could inform you the way I see them. We guess I’m unlucky, however it’s good material. I just take circumstances and blow it once and for all storytelling. We called the EP just what for the reathereforen that so many people simply take to to simply take ownership of one’s art. Leer más