Our diagnostic problems code (DTC) actually generic powertrain rule, meaning it pertains to OBD-II prepared automobiles.

But generic, which certain repair measures probably differ depending concerning make/model.

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Secondary environment Injection appears your emission control it makes use of your breeze pump (often electrical as turned with exclusively some form of drive belt) towards push fresh air towards the exhaust manifold(s) as exhaust ports whenever ever motor is inside of available cycle and also pre-catalytic converter when in closed-loop. on your reduces hydrocarbon emissions (HC), carbon- Monoxide (CO), as well as oxides to Nitrogen (NOx). Our clean air assists transform carbon- Monoxide (CO) entering carbon–dioxide (CO2) plus Hydrocarbons (HC) entering water vapor (H20).

ones discover valve is present the snap provide range to assist preserve exhaust gasses at flowing to their pump. a person cutoff device that manages which airflow have constantly been cleaner controlled as electrically managed. When their powertrain control module (PCM) activates might unit, vacuum cleaner moves inside cutoff unit to initiate this then permit fresh breeze in order to flow. A person systems may perhaps come with exclusively 1 discover hardware including the push tend to be controlled simply by the best electromagnetic clutch regarding atmosphere pump (including one one/C clutch).

operating hard speed, each breeze pump can be deactivated to avoid backfiring in direction of some sort of exhaust. Towards personal-check, some form of atmosphere program will likely probably try to be activated thru to PCM and also/or even cleanse air probably-stay routed inside to the exhaust your body. Their oxygen sensors would definitely feel our clean snap being 1 lean form plus the fast-term fuel trims might start in order to push inside positive direction in compensate. Some sort of PCM expects to the observe this take place within exclusively a few experiences for the timeframe of that personal testing. In case it does not initiate in order to read their temporary petrol trims enhance, later ones PCM interprets this particular when one particular malfunction in each Breeze method in addition code are going to become recorded.

leftover second breeze injection program problem codes incorporate P0410, P0412, P0413, P0414, P0415, P0416, P0417, P0418, P0419, P041F, P044F, P0491, in addition P0492.


Signs then signs or symptoms inside 1 P0411 DTC probably add:

  • MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) illumination
  • Backfiring inside of their exhaust below harsh speed
  • Engine operating rich (this really is surely countertop-intuitive. Observe explanation below)
  • Squealing belt


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you can produces away from the P0411 rule come with:

  • Hurt or missing check out hardware
  • AIR pump consumption slot plugged/hurt
  • Breeze pump clutch malfunction
  • Holes to damage towards exhaust substances


Feasible Possibilities

In case your have actually reach upwards in order to single scan tool, plus KOEO (Key at engine straight down) command will AIR pump upon. It should stimulate. Provided it doesn’t, get rid of and also study each snap pump relay in order to discoloration/melting reasoning up to temperature. regain as required.

making use of the ignition at (motor down) confirm of battery pack voltage on top of switched battery pack pack feed in direction of relay and also that the relay control circuit. presuming sometimes regarding the is not existing, inspect circuit to blown fuse otherwise available/ready within wiring. Fix trigger inside quick including retest. If they’re both of the associated with the present, jumper the battery pack pack feed to snap pump feed circuit the use of per merged jumper. all the pump should power up. Assuming you don’t, check out to power and ground up-to-date inside of AIR pump whenever jumpered. Anytime there is entirely no voltage/crushed present at pump restore available in wiring harness. Once voltage additionally ground is current, but pump but do not really run, suspect per wrong Breeze pump. In case only immediately after jumpering some form of snap pump feed circuit the pump activates afterwards problem is actually most likely their atmosphere pump relay. Substitute and also/or even retest.

Once their scan unit activates their atmosphere pump, among KOER (Key on top of motor lead) stimulate some form of Breeze pump solenoid valve about and/or identify provided there is cleaner toward cutoff valve. This wish cleaner present to bring began it device. Assuming truth be told there was completely no cleaner current, check out each snap pump’s cleaner solenoid product for vacuum cleaner give through manifold. Assuming there’s vacuum cleaner cleaner up-to-date later your vacuum cleaner solenoid try probably bad. Substitute that it. In case there’s zero vacuum existing within supply in direction to cleaner cleanser solenoid, confirm to connected as hurt vacuum line or connected vacuum port. nevertheless whenever below is cleaner provide on cut-down device, shut in engine down as well as utilizing your vacuum cleanser pump, choose vacuum cleaner cleanser toward cut-straight down product plus discover assuming this keeps each cleaner cleaner which atmosphere techniques using it when cleaner was applied. When it doesn’t hold cleanser plus/or device doesn’t flow when ever cleaner are applied, replace almost all cut-down device. whenever on cut-down device work conveniently, inspect that the consider unit for obstruction or perhaps in direction of check out supplied it’s missing. replacement when important.

Confirm the steel range in exhaust catalyst and some sort of exhaust ports for damage like holes which can provide one particular false learning.

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