Information Release Information chairman and primary executive policeman of ACE money show .

DALLAS (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), a leading worldwide money transfer and payment solutions business, announced now so it has actually renewed a historical agreement with one among their largest representatives, ACE financial Express, Inc. , an Irving, Florida -based economic solutions company. The prolonged seven-year arrangement creates on a solid collaboration from the two companies who possess deliberately labored collectively for twenty five years to supply entry to alternative financial services for buyers through the U.S. Using this restoration, MoneyGram has now guaranteed eight of its top brokers throughout the basic coin of 2017 or past.

“Our company is very delighted to renew ACE Cash Express to our agreement , which was an outstanding spouse in expanding our U.S. business. This restoration underscores MoneyGram’s dynamic brand that is global reputation for success much more than 200 countries and areas, and special approach to servicing the agencies and consumers,” says

Pamela H. Patsley

, MoneyGram’s president and executive officer that is chief. “the U.S. buyers have used our very own services at ACE financial Express places for many years, and collectively, most of us count on developing on our very own discussed success. MoneyGram is continually centered on enhancing solution shipment, and now we importance ACE’s capacity to meet buyer requirements for submit transactions, money bill and pickup pay solutions.”

Using the contract, MoneyGram’s full selection of services money that is, cash sales, costs obligations

— will continue to be offered at a lot more than 1,400 U.S. serve money exhibit stores.

Consumers could even access MoneyGram’s on-line solutions throughout the ACE financial show internet site, wherein they may hook up straight to MoneyGram to transfer funds or pay bills.

” For over a quarter of the 100 years, serve Cash Express and MoneyGram have given useful services that are financial thousands of people,” stated

Jay B. Shipowitz

“ACE’s concern would be to provide people with accessibility services which will help them meet their monetary desired goals, so we believe serve’s relationship with MoneyGram has been of incredible value for our customers.”

About MoneyGram Worldwide, Inc.

MoneyGram , a money that is leading organization, provides important services to customers who aren’t fully served by old-fashioned banking institutions. MoneyGram supplies worldwide cash exchange services much more than 200 nations and territories via a global system of 345,000 representative spots, including shops, intercontinental blog post practices and loan providers. MoneyGram offers expenses payment solutions, issues money orders and processes formal inspections in choose marketplaces.

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