I continue getting Six of rod from inside the position of my personal commitment with a prefer interest.

Exactly why? I’m sure the cards try guess to express success or awards.

- will it mean that among all of us was resting on their laurels? (and I see whom that would be) – Would it represent complanceny, arrogance, smugness? – some one resting on their high horse? – Or can it portray achievements your partnership?

I have found it hard to translate as the focus for the credit is found on someone. I can’t assist imagine they signifies self-centeredness and self satisfaction. It isn’t necessarily how I discover our very own relationship because We notice it as find sugar daddy in New Orleans Louisiana a confident thing. I just aren’t getting an optimistic ambiance using this credit. The figure when you look at the card are experiencing away as if indifferent or oblivious.

That thread was actually started by us

anyway, in my opinion, six/wands in a commitment scatter (according to the condition) usually means that admiration, that may develop into admiration. It all depends on circumstances though. I got they arise when my buddies had been jealous of me personally because guy involved me personally as opposed to them. But it got, once more, from affection which converted into a platonic connection. Nearby cards would see whether this affection would turn into one thing most.

Sorry for your late article. Thanks for everybody that is published so far.

It can get either way. The two of us have much value and affection for each and every additional but Really don’t accept it’s in a worshipping (YOU HAPPEN TO BE GOD!) type of method. We are well-aware that neither a person is perfect.

I was down on that presentation, I think.

Only to explain: it is a platonic union as of this juncture although we have now recognized both a little while. There was clearly a time where, due to circumstances, we had been likely to get all of our seperate techniques permenently. Products ended up in another way so we today see each other again. Therefore possibly he is happy that we’ve *reunited* in a sense. Perhaps he thinks absolutely still a chance for all of us. idk.

Maybe not in this situation. I don’t entirely trust your. It could be which he views me as a sexual conquest. *He* *thinks* it will be well received. Perception and real life, but tend to be various.

Yeah, well. The attraction between united states try *intense* and from the maps. He has stated so themselves. The potential could there be. I have plenty of Wands in indication with him: the Ace, the Knight, the master, the Eight. But I don’t know the reason why 6 of Wands (in lieu of other Wand) will mean using they indeed there? Just in the same way of sexual conquest and I also’m too old and wise to go indeed there.

I get a little confused with the Wands. Their particular powerful connection with intercourse and sensuality frequently provide them with one dimensionality. It appears when We read an interpretation of a Wand, We hear “in other phrase, the man is just trying to get down your own pants.” How might your readers or querent reconcile the fact that connections of adore typically incorporate gender and visa versa? Glasses indicate adore? And wands imply one-night stands or short aircraft of elegant?

In my opinion affection can be done. Although he isn’t overt together with his sentiments, occasionally they have stated something such as “you’re quite incredible” and “whenever the going will get hard, the tough get started” discussing some difficulties I’ve been through and just have overcome. It really is good to discover this interpretation since if nothing else, I see, he’s got value for me personally. Appreciate try totally another issue.

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