Q. is-it typical for my personal 17-year-old boy having another gf every several months?

A. certain it is normal, but that doesn’t mean you really need to push it aside. Society demands most guys which genuinely believe that genuine men are never reckless about other people’ ideas and dignity. Obviously moms and dads are the ones most likely to make that take place. Very be engaged together with teen online dating existence into the extent that both you and their father were beyond clear you anticipate your as sincere (in person, on the web, or while texting) toward any individual he dates. The guy ought to insist upon being treated the same way. (just in case you require it, as you likely will: Simple tips to guide she or he through heartbreak.) Essential is actually for your to see just how their moms and dads connect in an enchanting connection. If you should ben’t revealing him how someone should admire each other in intimate relationships, it’s difficult to inquire about the same of your.

Q. My 16-year-old girl spends a lot of time at the girl date’s household.

I recently revealed that his parents allow them to watch videos inside the place aided by the door closed. Do I need to confront their parents?

A. certainly! Just confirm the “facts” together with them 1st. While it’s important to possess a collectively respectful commitment with these people, its more important to create obvious guidelines to suit your girl and her boyfriend as they begin their own teenager love. “The bedroom home should always be open,” is actually a reasonable request. And do not hesitate to tell the other mothers your formula! Leer más