Consequently, we’re making verification a requirement for bots in 100 or even more machines. Until the robot is verified, you will not have the ability to build past 100 machines. In the event your robot is much more than 100 servers, it will not be in a position to join any further.

We recognize that this can be a big change, very we’re instituting a 6 month deprecation period closing on Oct 7, 2020 getting everybody else verified that fits the requirements. Until that time, no limitations should be implemented.

After being confirmed, you and your other associates will receive a Verified creator badge on the Discord pages, as acceptance of your own achievements as builders on Discord. Their bot also received a Verified check level, showing you’re the only your!

How can I start the procedure?

Head on to your own bot’s settings webpage within the designer site. At the top of that web page is going to be a banner with information on how best to begin. This method is designed for bots in 75 or maybe more servers, to permit developers to preemptively incorporate.

Just how long does it try become verified?

As soon as you upload a confirmation consult, a person will look at the entry and acquire back to you.

From today till the deadline of Oct 7, 2020, while no limitations are now being implemented, we are going to strive for a five working day turnaround opportunity for all verification demands. During this time period, we will evaluate the techniques to make sure that we can agree to efficient recovery times following deprecation cycle is finished. Just keep in mind the influx of confirmation demands that individuals will get during the original roll-out.

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