15 Websites That Pay You $200+ to Write a Blog Post or Article

hey guys Justin Bryan here from self-made success.com in this video I’m going to show you 15 websites that pay you $200 plus to write a blog post or an article for them so this is per article per blog post this isn’t like writing a bunch of them or writing something that’s like an entire book it’s just one post and they will pay you around $200 or more for each one and these are 15 sites that will do that so if you want to make money writing if you want to start earning some extra income these are some websites you definitely want to check out the first one is Photoshop tutorials so if you go to Photoshop tutorials and their website they have a place where you can actually submit tutorials they will pay you they have a wide range of what they will pay you but if you do a quick tip you can earn about 50 bucks if you do a full tutorial as you can see you can make 150 to 300 dollars so you could make that $200 or even more you can make up to 300 just for one tutorial on Photoshop tutorials so this is all about Photoshop obviously it’s very straightforward you’re doing tutorials about how to use Photoshop for art for photography etc so if you know a little bit about Photoshop then you might consider doing some articles or some tutorials for this website and earning pretty good money number two is the travel writers life so the travel writers life is a website that’s all about the business of getting paid to travel so basically you’re making money while traveling and if you want to write for them you could make as much as 50 to $200 per article and these are some of the writers guidelines I’ll have links to these pages for you but the writers life is all about traveling and making money while doing it which has become kind of a big trend that people want to follow these days after books were written like the 4-hour workweek and stuff like that where you kind of have a lifestyle design interest if you’re into that kind of stuff you might want to write for them and get paid up to $200 per article and it’s all about like I said traveling the world while actually making money from a business another thing you can do is cracked cracked is another website that pays you pretty well for writing for them and if you go to crack it’s kind of like a just a general news in general they talk about all kinds of different things on cracked and they also do a lot of humor and stuff like that talked about celebrities TV shows and stuff a lot too you can see some of these things that are viewed the most right now you have something about Chris Pratt you know an actor some other celebrities stuff on Netflix things like that just kind of entertainment type of article so if you like entertainment type articles you like talking about celebrities or things like that you can get paid fifty to two hundred dollars per article and get paid via PayPal so that’s nice they actually specify that you can get paid via PayPal with cracked so you want to do that this is the page you kind of read more about how to get paid to write for them and that will allow you to submit an article to them and hopefully get paid up to $200 for doing so so it’s very quite clever articles stuff about entertainment celebrities and things like that number four is tree house so tree house pays you as well and you can make money from tree house basically by writing articles for them where you cover design slash freelance type stuff so when it comes to coding and things like that that’s one of the main search topics as you can see on there they have WordPress CSS design JavaScript Ruby Android stuff like that so when you’re into programming and things like that you could really make some good money by submitting articles to tree house and they accept a lot of different topics but like I said mostly freelancing and coding and things like that so you can also earn one hundred to two hundred dollars per article so tree house is another one you might want to look at you may have to actually submit it directly to the editors though so just keep that in mind I think they actually have a specific page where you submit your articles but they do pay pretty well as far as that goes and if you know a lot about coding you know what about freelancing and things like that design then they are great option number five is called Tut’s Plus code so basically it’s coding tutorials is what it basically stands for and if you want to do this you can actually make money by submitting articles and this is through the envato market brand which does all kinds of stuff like plugins WordPress website themes they do coding they do all kinds of stuff so they cover all kinds of you know basically anything computer related and touch plus code allows you to make up to two hundred and fifty dollars per article and as little as a hundred dollars but you have a nice range of you know very high pay per article and obviously it’s all about things like PHP html5 CSS and things like that so you can do a quick tip tutorial which will pay you $100 and of course this page will tell you more about the specifics but a quick tip is a hundred dollars two hundred fifty dollars for a complete tutorial and that’s a little more in-depth but if you know a lot about you know programming and things like that then you might want to do a touch plus code number six is write naked so write naked is another one that you might want to do some guest blogging with because they tend to pay pretty well if you want to write for them you can get paid fifty to two hundred dollars per post you can see it’s very easy to find their page to be a guest writer it’s in the top header menu up here as you can see highlighted in red here and they mostly cover things like having a writing business if you write for a living and things like that so if you’re a blogger or you write books or whatever it is related to writing for a living maybe you’re a freelance writer they also have interviews with a lot of writing celebrities and people like that authors journalists etc they do a lot about publishing anyway it’s pretty much everything that has to do with writing for a living and if you have a passion for writing or you know just enough about it to where you think you could write a good article for it then come to this page where you write a guest post and get paid and you will be able to submit an article here and get paid up to $200 per article so that’s some pretty good pay it’s related to writing so if you’re into that then definitely go to write naked and their website number seven is International Living so this is more of a travel type of website of course and basically it’s all about living overseas so maybe if you’re a US citizen but you decided to move overseas in Europe or Asia or somewhere else you might have a really nice perspective that they would want to hear from and you could write articles for them and they actually are one of the highest paying per post of the ones on this list or any of the ones I’ve actually seen that pay you per blog post they pay you between 250 and 400 dollars per article and it’s all about living and retiring overseas so a lot of times that means you know you you live in a country but then you like the US and then you retire or you go and with somewhere else in another country and that is the type of stuff they want to cover so if you if you have experience doing that maybe you are US citizen and you decide to move you know to South America or overseas somewhere Europe then that’s the kind of stuff they’re looking for number eight is sight point sight point pays you to write articles as well so if you want to try that out they’re more into like tutorials and stuff that has to do with coding so as you can see coding is one of the bigger trends as far as websites that pay you pretty well per article they love to hire people to do tutorials that are very in-depth about how to program different things and because programming is so vast and there’s so many different languages and so many different applications for it you really can’t run out of ideas for articles so if you can come up with some great ideas that haven’t really been covered yet then you can get paid 150 to 200 dollars per article on site point covering things like HTML CSS etc you can come to this page here and it tells you exactly what you can do I’ll have a link to this page for you in the show notes but they’ll tell you kind of what they expect and how to submit they also have writing guidelines that you need to follow but like I said you can make 150 to $200 per tutorial that you write for them number nine is called metro parent so metro parents another one it’s a little different so if you want to you want to write about things that are a little different like parenting as far as you know how you raise your child or how you dealt with different situations as they were growing up and things like that then you can write for Metro parent you can earn thirty five dollars to three hundred fifty dollars per post and they tell you you know some of the guidelines here on this page it’s called the right for us page and they published monthly their magazine does they have all kinds of different things they they tell you about your payment they’re very specific which is nice it features one thousand twenty five hundred words they’ll pay you 150 to three fifty depending on the complexity of the topic they also allow Department columns parent pipeline pieces free prints and things like that so they have all kinds of requirements you want to look at formatting that you need to look at but if you want to write about parenting and get paid a lot of money per article then you want to go to Metro parent comm number ten is called a list apart so if you go to a list of part.com you’ll end up on this page you can go straight to the top menu here and click write for us and you can learn a little bit about what they expect if you want to write for them and actually get paid to do it they pretty much just pay a flat fee of $200 per article if it gets accepted so you can read through here see what they want it’s all about just the Internet basically they talk all about all kinds of things related to the internet and so you might want to read some of their articles to kind of get an idea of what stuff gets published here but it’s basically all things Internet related whether it’s business whether it’s user experience whether it’s design coding all that type of stuff is covered on the list of parts so $200 per article if you get accepted they tell you what they’re looking for here this page pretty much covers everything you need to know so I’ll have a link to this page for you it’s at a list of part comm you can also just go there to the right for us tab and look it over yourself but number 11 is called cuts plus vector so I covered touch plus code earlier and this is all more about vectors and things like that so they have a lot of related type of industries that they cover they also do another one that I’m going to talk about here in a minute but they all pretty much pay between 50 and 200 dollars or so vector pays 50 to 200 dollars specifically for each article and these are all about vector tutorials obviously so this is this has to do with like Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign coral draw and things like that those type of vector related tutorials if you know a lot about that type of stuff you’re familiar with things like Adobe Illustrator Inkscape and things like that these are the types of tutorials they’re looking for and they will accept multiple articles if you’re doing pretty good for them and you can make quite a bit 50 to 75 per quick tip tutorial 150 to $200 per regular tutorial so if you know a lot about vectors read over this page get some ideas and submit some articles and you can get paid pretty well from them number 12 is Tut’s plus WP which basically stands for Tut tutorials for WordPress so WordPress of course is one of those popular website platforms now my website runs a WordPress pretty much every major blog runs on WordPress and it takes up between 25 and 30 percent of the entire Internet now so they have plenty of websites with WordPress tutorials and stuff like that but WP cuts plus actually pays you between 60 and $500 per article that’s up to $500 so if you do like a quick tutorial like a quick tip type thing you can get paid you know 60 bucks maybe 100 bucks or something like that and then once you get more – like a premium level you can make 300 to $500 for premium level tutorials and screencast a screencast is basically what I’m doing right now where I do a video and you watch my screen instead of just maze dang in front of a camera so that’s kind of a breakdown of their pay a 150 per tutorial for the first month 175 poot tutorial for the second month onward $60 for a quick tip so that wouldn’t be a full lengthy tutorial 3 to 500 for premium level tutorials and screencast so you can expect to make almost a full-time living just doing tutorials for them if you do it right so I’ll link to this page for you how to do tutorials and how to submit them and like I said they’re one of the higher paying ones with up to $500 for premium tutorials number 13 is digital ocean so digital ocean if you go to Edgehill ocean comm you can look to submit some articles for them and basically they’re all about line X so that’s just a type of operating system you know if you’ve ever used something like a Raspberry Pi which is like a miniature cheap computer that you can turn into media boxes and stuff like that if you want or all kinds of stuff anyway line-x applies to a lot of different things and if you know about linux you can get fifty to two hundred dollars per article and you get paid via paypal you know some of those don’t really tell you how you get paid they have multiple ways for you to get paid but with digitalocean they pay you via PayPal so it’s very easy and straightforward and it’s all about written tutorials about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting things like that basically tells you right there on the get paid to write page and of course I’ll have a link to this page for you you need to fill out this a little box here to apply to write for them they’re looking for a you know and friendly concise informative style correcting comprehensive commands technical expertise and best practices and a clear explanation so if you’re good at writing tutorials that are very easy to follow and understand but still have plenty of detail that’s the type of stuff they’re looking for and you want to fill it out put your name email community user name whatever if you have one things like that and hopefully you can get approved and make up to $200 per article number 14 is Smashing Magazine so Smashing Magazine they also allow you to write for them and get paid obviously or they wouldn’t be in this video but they’re more related to design coding user experience those types of things that’s a very common trend with the ones that pay you the most money is usually it has something to do with programming and stuff like that because that basically is the future of everything in our world that’s basically how the Internet is structured that’s how software is structured that’s how programs are built that’s how apps are built I mean if you know coding that is one of the most valuable skills you can have I mean I can’t stress that enough so you will always have a future if you know coding and this is just an example of how you can make money from a lot of these websites just writing for them and telling other people how to do stuff they pay 50 to $200 per article here on Smashing Magazine and you can submit articles related to web design graphic design UX design WordPress mobile app design all that type of stuff so if you know anything about that you can see some other examples HTML Javascript CSS and you can go through here and see how authors get paid what their approval guidelines are and things like that so as far as that goes smashing magazines another great option for getting paid pretty well to write each article and last but not least is a fine parent so fine parent we have covered another parenting site earlier this is just another one so if you’re good with things like that parenting you have a lot to say about that you feel like you’re a pretty good parent you feel like your kids had turned out pretty well then you can write for a fine parent if their submission window is open so sometimes it is sometimes it’s not they kind of fluctuate as far as when they accept articles but if they are open you’ll just need to check this page every once in awhile and you can write an article you get paid $100 per article via PayPal which is which is nice of course but you can also earn a two hundred dollar bonus so that’s why it’s on this video because you can get paid a hundred dollars usually but they also have a two hundred dollar bonus if it performs very well so they tell you more about the details here on this page and of course they have a submission window of that’s not always open so that’s another thing you have to keep in mind is they’re not always going to be available for submitting new articles but if you know a lot about parenting and you wouldn’t get paid to write per blog post get paid $200 or more this is a good option for you at some point so other than that that’s it for this video I hope these websites help you hope they give you some ideas if you got something from this video that you thought was valuable please like and subscribe so I can create more videos like this for you also if you want to let me know about some other sites that pay $200 or more or you want to let let us know about your about your experiences with any of these sites or you want to let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you get your feedback and add to these topics for people so we can get the most out of them and other than that I’ll have all these show notes links to these pages where you apply these more information pages related content to this video all that stuff will be on the show notes page at self-made success.com under the same title as the video and I will also have a link to that page in the video description for you so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day

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